@DaBoyBaKe "PAD AND MY PEN" ft. Gav Deor (@Gavzworld)


During the midst of the #BaKesDozen viral campaign the great people at Knarley! have decided to do something special for the entire Knarley Knation. We have decided to put out an 'unreleased throwback' video from Da Boy Bake's debut mixtape "Cassette Music." This video is titled "Pad And A Pen" featuring Fiyaworks artist and Knarley! affiliate Gav Deor. The record is a remake of A Tribe Called Quest's, Q-Tip, 1998 song "Pad & Pen." During this visual BaKe and Gav run threw historic Mount Holly, New Jersey attempting to write new rhymes, but run threw many trials. The big issue being the missing of Gav's 'pen.' Enjoy this comical 1920's styled short film, and stay Knarley!


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