Bangkok Records and Team Breezy Says presents Cass (@CassBangkok) "S**t Krazy"



Tampa, Fl: Bangkok Records own, Cass is back with another street anthem. After taking a small hiatus to regroup and figure out his moves, he came back ready to take his brand to the next level. S**T Krazy is a street anthem that depicts just how the street life has changed over the years. Cass chose to release this single along with the video because in the video the audience gets to see that unlike most, the weight Cass is moving is music. The video was shot in Sulphur Springs, an urban neighborhood in the city of Tampa, where Cass spent most of his days. Even though this is a street anthem, if you truly listen to what Cass is saying, it will leave you rethinking your decision to continue living the street life. The game has definitely changed and Cass makes it evident through "S**T KRAZY"



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