[Video] JuJu (@JuJuworldmusic) - Wonderland



Afro Pop artist, JuJu is swiftly becoming an international sensation. The aspiring singer/songwriter leaps in faith to conquer his dreams and rule his destiny. At this rate, JuJu’s place in the HipHop industry is inevitable. In August of 2013, JuJu released the “A Day before Success” single and followed up six months later with “A Day before Success” documentary. The documentary aided JuJu’s introduction to the US, UK, and Canadian audience via Social Media. The response was tremendous; JuJu landed major opportunities that pivot his career to new heights. The young, talented singer is not just seducing the ladies with his soothing vocals; JuJu has been working on several HipHop projects and he recently released his debut single “Wonderland”. In the “Wonderland” single, JuJu expresses himself and proves his versatility. The lyrics are uplifting, his flow is unique and the production is superb. JuJu urges his fans and well-wishers to stay tuned for his upcoming releases. His website is being updated at the moment, and it’s expected to be fully functional in a matter of weeks. JuJu’s official website is: www.jujumuzik.com. Media outlets may retrieve JuJu’s bio, EPK & press releases via the website. JuJu is getting major attention from relevant HipHop blogs and websites. Yoraps.com conducted an official and informative interview with JuJu on February 21st. 2014 is a very promising year for JuJu. On February 27th he released “Road to Riches Freestyle” viral video on Youtube. The video shows JuJu in a studio booth and in a dark alley rapping. This is a total different side of JuJu and he OWNs it. To watch the viral video, one may go to Youtube.com/OfficialFielddayTv

Website: www.jujumuzik.com


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