[Video] @SlateStoneMusic U.S.B - Universal Street Bang via @PhenomRadio



#1000Network #SlateUSBalbum
The concept of this video is from the perspective of you (the viewer) watching different aspects of the passion & dedication to hip-hop from @SlateStoneMusic. Imagine yourself plugged into his world, his life, his channel. Musically, he's keepin it 1thou* as he does every day. Slate is an underground artist determined to leave a impacting legacy not only in the Hip-Hop genre but in the world.
U.S.B - Universal Street Bang
Album produced by Slate Stone & Miracle Beat Boy
#1thou | @SlateStoneMusic (({http://SlateStoneMusic.com}))
@PhenomRadio (({http://PhenomRadio.com}))

All Video work done by Tres Familias



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